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>Subject: Please help me build an alternatve to 
>the Religious Right--beforeit's too late!
>  HYPERLINK "http://files.tikkun.org/images/progressives-banner.jpg"nsp
>I would like your help in getting word out to the largest email lists to
>which you have access (both personal and organizational) about the Spiritual
>Activism conference that will be held in Washington, D.C. May 17-20, 2006.
>The conference is the first East Coast appearance for the Network of
>Spiritual Progressives, co-chaired by me, Benedictine Sister Joan
>Chittister, and professor of African American studies and Religion at
>Princeton U. Cornel West. I'm sorry I have to reach you through this
>impersonal note--but I don't know how else to do this.
>The Network of Spiritual Progressives has 3 goals:
>1. to challenge the misuse of God and religion by the Religious Right to
>justify war and militarism, cuts in programs for the poor and powerless in
>order to justify cuts in taxes for the rich, assaults on human rights and
>civil liberties, and destruction oaf the separation of church and state;
>2. to challenge the religio-phobia and hostility toward religious and
>spiritual people that appears in some sections of liberal and progressive
>culture, and to help the Left distinguish
>between reactionary forms of religion and the progressives forms that it
>took with Martin Luther King, Jr., William Sloan Coffin, Abraham Joshua
>Heschel and many others. and to build a new spiritual progressive politics
>not only for religious people, but also for those who do not believe in God
>but are "spiritual but NOT religious"
>3. to seek a New Bottom Line in the Western world so that institutions get
>judged efficient, rational or productive not only to the extent that they
>maximize money or power, but also to the extent that they maximize love and
>caring, kindness and generosity, ethically and ecologically sensitive
>behavior, and enhance our capacities to respond to other human beings as
>manifestations of the sacred and inherently valuable and to be respected,
>and enhance our capacities to respond to the universe with awe, wonder and
>radical amazement at the grandeur of all that is.
>This is the ground floor of building a new kind of paradigm for progressive
>politics, and it could have a major impact in making the liberal and
>progressive forces far more successful in healing and transforming American
>society. As I've shown in my new book The Left Hand of God: Taking Back our
>Country from the Religious Right, many people agree with the Left on
>specific issues but still end up feeling that their greatest pain is the
>deprivation of love, a sense of meaning in work, and a feeling that they are
>surrounded by materialism, selfishness, and moral insensitivity, that their
>children are subjected to sexual pressures before they are old enough to
>handle them, and that the Left seems oblivious to these kinds of issues and
>only addresses economic entitlements and political rights.
>We in the NSP (the Network of Spiritual Progressives) care very much about
>eliminating poverty, fighting for equal rights, ending the war in Iraq and
>the militarist assumptions that led to it, but that these important
>struggles will not be won until the Left also seems to care about these
>other "meaning" issues in the lives of many Americans. Moreover, the Left is
>only clear on what it is against, but rarely has it communicated clearly
>what it is for. That's why we are taking our demand for a New Bottom Line to
>the Congress and the media May 17-20-along with a detailed SPIRITUAL
>COVENANT WITH AMERICA that is meant to provide a positive vision of what a
>progressive spiritual politics is about (you can read it fully explicated in
>The Left Hand of God, which, I'm happy to say, has become a national
>best-seller since it was published by Harpers in February).
>The spiritual activism conference will be a unique blending of progressive
>religious people with progressive "spiritual but not religious" people.
>Among the presenters, besides me, Cornel West and Sister Joan Chittister:
>Jim Wallis (progressive Evangelical editor of Sojourners and author, God's
>Politics), Cindy Sheehan (mother of U.S. solider killed in Iraq war),
>Episcopal ArchDeacon Michael Kendall, Marie Denis (Fellowship of
>Reconciliation), Rev. William Sinkford (national president, Unitarian
>Universalist Association), Rev. Joan Campbell (Chautauqua Institute), Harry
>Knox (Human Rights Campaign), Rev. Penny Nixon (Metropolitan Church, San
>Francisco), Rabbi Brain Walt (national chair, Rabbis for Human Rights),
>Seyyed Hossein Nasr (author, The Heart of Islam: Enduring Values for
>Humanity), Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey (chair, Progressive Caucus, U.S. House
>of Representatives), Shaikh Kabir Helminski (Sufi teacher), Svi Shapiro
>(author of Beyond Liberalism and Excellence: Reconstructing the Public
>Discourse on Education), Rev. Ama Zenya (United Church of Christ), John Dear
>S.J. (Catholic non-violence activist), Rev. Lennox Yearwood (Progressive
>Democrats of America), Robert Thurman (Buddhist teacher and author The Jewel
>Tree of Tibet), Jonathan Granoff (chair, American Bar Association committee
>on disarmament), Rev. Lynice Pinkard (United Church of Christ), Bill Meadows
>(national chair, Wildlife Association), Enola Aird, Katrina Vanden Heuvel
>(editor, The Nation), Christopher Hedges (former NY Times reporter and
>author: War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning), Peter Gabel (associate editor
>of Tikkun and professor of law, New College of California), Thea Levkowitz
>(Religion and the Environment), Rev. Tony Campolo (Evangelical teacher),
>Holly Near (progressive music), Michael Bader (psychoanalyst), Michael
>Posner (human rights), Arthur Waskow (Shalom Center), Rev. Donna Schaper,
>Nanette Schorr, Rabbi Debora Kohn,  Barbara Coombs Lee, Enola Aird, Rev. Bob
>Edgar (chair, National Council of Churches), Rev. Debora Johnson, John Seed,
>Paul Wapner, Mary Darling, Rev. Donna Schapper, Harvey Cox, Janet Chisholm,
>Roshi Bernie Glassman, Rev. Glenn Harold Stassen, Rev. Paul Smith, «harlene
>Spretnak, David Abrams
>Rev. Robert Hardies & Rev. Louise Green (All Souls Unitarian church), and
>many more.
>Even if you can't come to the conference, you can join as a dues paying
>member the Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP) and help us out
>financially, or even help us build a local chapter in your area. For
>information on registering for the conference or joining the NSP:
>www.spiritualprogressives.org or 510 644 1200 (between 9:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.
>Pacific Daylight Time).
>I hope you personally will come, or join, and I'd particularly appreciate it
>if you'd send this note to everyone you know, and in your own name urge them
>to come as well..
>Many blessings,
>Rabbi Michael Lerner
>Editor, Tikkun, rabbi of Beyt Tikkun synagogue in San Francisco, and author,
>The Left Hand of God
>RabbiLerner at Tikkun.org

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