[saymaListserv] Equality Florida: Fairness for All Families Campaign

Mike Shell bright_crow at mindspring.com
Sat Apr 22 11:24:17 JEST 2006


Conservative Floridians have already collected 455,000 petition signatures for a constitutional amendment which would permanently prohibit marriage or civil unions for same-sex partners, and which threatens to strip away domestic partnership benefits currently enjoyed by thousands of partners, gay and straight.

Equality Florida is working to opposed this amendment and to achieve full marriage equality for our families, and they champion domestic partnership laws, benefits, and registries.  We are seeking at least 600,000 petitions from fair-minded people to offset those pro-amendment signatures.

If you know people in Florida, please visit my page at http://ga4.org/Equalityflorida/advocacy/bright_crow-406001 , share this link with them, and encourage them to join the campaign and to pass the information along to others.

Thanks, and
Blessed Be,
Mike Shell

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