[saymaListserv] "Time is short"

Licia Kuenning kuenning-licia at voicenet.com
Wed Apr 26 17:05:00 JEST 2006

Probably most Friends on this list have seen the Farmington
prophecy on one or another of the other Quaker lists--or through
the snailmail distribution of it that I sent to a long list of
unprogrammed meetings, including those in SAYMA.  I mention it
here only in case there are those on the list who remain unaware
of it--and therefore do not realize that on June 6 the events at
Farmington, Maine, will set in motion major changes in the nature
of human life, which in the long run will end war, torture, and
many other evils.  If anyone cannot access my website:


please write to me off-list, and I'll be glad to send you a copy
of that message and/or to answer your questions about it.

Licia Kuenning
Farmington Friend

klee at megalink.net    licia at qhpress.org

WATCH FARMINGTON!  (41 days to go)

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