[saymaListserv] Philadelphia Yearly Meeting's Minute on Middle East War

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Tue Aug 1 18:54:03 JEST 2006

Dear Friends,

A minute on the violence in the Middle East from Philadelphia Yearly 
Meeting (PYM).

I continue to hold all the peoples in that region in the 
Light.    May they see that we are all connected and to harm on any 
one of us is to do harm to all of us.



>     "Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends,
>gathering in session on July 30 at DeSales University in Center Valley, PA
>mourns both the victims of Israel's invasion of Lebanon that is now underway
>and the victims of Hezbollah's attacks on Israel. We mourn our government's
>support for Israel's invasion of Lebanon and its opposition to an immediate
>cease fire.
>     As Friends we believe there is that of God in every person. We call upon
>all parties to the conflict to immediately cease fire and we call upon all
>governments and groups to stop supplying weapons to combatants.
>     As American Friends in the United States we call upon our own government
>to call for an immediate cease fire and to stop supplying weapons to Israel.
>As Friends, we have always opposed the export of arms and weapons for any
>purpose and instead have worked for the peaceful resolution of deadly
>     We call upon all the people in this conflict to see that peace is the
>way, that every cease fire is good, and that gunfire, rockets and bombs take
>us from the way and desecrate God's sacred creation.
>     We call upon Friends to stand with the courageous people in Israel,
>Lebanon and Palestine and other parts of the Middle East who are calling for
>a cease-fire and peace. We encourage Friends and meetings to consider
>urgently how we might act to bring about a cease-fire and negotiations for a
>just and lasting peace."
>     What follows is also from the PYM minutes of the meeting in which the
>minute was approved.
>     "Mario Cavelinni of Mickleton Meeting brought forth the following
>recommended actions also drafted by the ad hoc committee:
>A referral to the Peace and Concerns Standing Committee that they should
>urgently assist PYM Monthly and Quarterly Meetings in public witness
>religious networking and political action. In particular, they should work
>with PYM's Middle East Working Group which is collaborating with Sustained
>(an activist group) and TIKKUM (a Jewish-American Peace Organization)
>working for peace in the Middle East.
>A referral to PYM's Quarterly and Monthly Meetings that they should support
>FCNL's efforts in Washington and utilize their resources locally and also
>work with AFSC in their acts of witness and service.
>A referral to the General Secretary and the Clerk of PYM they should see
>that copies of the minutes are sent by PYM to U.S. government officials,
>major area newspapers and to other yearly meetings and peace churches.
>Minutes should also be sent to monthly meetings for distribution to local
>news outlets.
>The meeting APPROVED the minute and recommended actions, with Carolyn Evans
>of Newtown Meeting standing aside."

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