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Tue Aug 8 17:53:31 JEST 2006

Dear Friends,  
Fall Representative Meeting is only a month away.  The ad hoc  Electronic 
Communications Committee (ECC) will bring the website policies  proposal to this 
meeting as was announced at Yearly Meeting.
The policies proposal can be found on the website by clicking on "What's  
then click _Minutes_ (http://www.sayma.org/online_documents.htm#YM Min)  of 
Yearly  Meeting 2006 , 
then  click "YM 2006 - Appendix C (Committee & Officer Reports) _PDF_ 
(http://www.sayma.org/online_documents/YM2006_Appendix_C.pdf) ," 
then scroll down a page and a half.  
Or, you can click this link or paste it into your browser box.   
(http://www.sayma.org/online_documents/YM2006_Appendix_C.pdf)    then scroll down about a page and a half.
Compared to the website policies proposal in the minutes referenced above,  
the modestly revised version to be brought to Rep Meeting will have only a  
couple of minor tweaks and the following sentence added after the last sentence  
in the section headed "Content:"

 “Groups within SAYMA that want to have a link or a presence on the  website 
are encouraged to contact
the web manager.”

Anyone who wants to give input on these proposed policies for the  website 
are encouraged to contact me, Bill Reynolds, (see email  address below), one of 
the members of ECC, or to speak with your  Representative BEFORE the Fall Rep. 
Meeting.  (FYI in case you had not  already been told, these proposed 
policies represent exactly how SAYMA's website  is operated and has been pretty much 
all along since its inception, no proposed  changes to the operations.)  
Peace, Agape,  
Bill Reynolds, Clerk
SAYMA ad hoc committee on Electronic Communications
(email:  < _cisland at aol.com_ (mailto:cisland at aol.com)   >
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