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Forwarded from Nashville

Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2006 
> Dear Friends:
> Ruby, Alan and Jonathan Thatcher here, writing from Nashville.  Hibbard 
> Thatcher passed away on Saturday night, August 5th.  He had taken a 
> turn for the worse early in the week, developed pneumonia and 
> apparently had a small stroke.  His last days and hours were easy, and 
> his last communication, on Wednesday, was blowing a kiss to Ruby.
> In accordance with Hibbard’s wishes, there will be no funeral, but we 
> are beginning to plan a memorial service.  We are just realizing the 
> magnitude of such an event and how many people will want to come, 
> taking into account the Nashville Friends Meeting, Nashville Country 
> Dancers, Sacred Harp singers, and many others.  It will take some time 
> to arrange, and to coordinate schedules, so we are looking at a 
> tentative date of September 10th for the service.  We will let you know 
> more as soon as the date and place are fixed.
> As you probably know, Hibbard had made a partial recovery from the very 
> damaging pneumonia and staph infection he had in January.  Over the 
> last few months he struggled to regain his strength, and through heroic 
> efforts and determination, he made a lot of progress.  But ultimately 
> it seems his body had too much lasting damage for him to survive.
> During these last several months we got to see Hibbard at his best.   
> Nurses and aides at the medical facilities kept talking about what a 
> wonderful patient he was and as one social worker commented, coming out 
> of an interview with him, ‘What an interesting man!’
> Family and many friends were able to spend time with Hibbard at St 
> Thomas, at Select Specialty Hospital, at Stallworth Rehab Center, and 
> at NHC, during this long medical odyssey.  During these visits he was 
> often very llively and voluble, and I know many of you had wonderful 
> conversations with him, as we did.  And Hibbard especially appreciated 
> those who came and shared their voices and music with him.
> We would invite you to write down any memories or stories of Hibbard, 
> recent or otherwise, to share at the memorial service.  Or, of course, 
> we’d be happy to hear them now if you’d like to email them to us.
> Thank you all for your support and love for Hibbard.  Please continue 
> to hold him in your hearts, and, as the Quakers say, in the light.
> Love,
> Ruby, Alan and Jonathan Thatcher
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