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Dear Friends,

If you'd like a copy of the event flyer or the proclamation, I can send it as a file attachment. 

We are grateful to FCNL who has endorsed our celebration.

Peace on Earth, Peace with Earth,

Kim Carlyle


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Asheville, NC
Local Groups Celebrate Peace on Earth on 9/11 

Local and national environmental, peace, and justice advocacy groups as well as many faith communities will conduct an observance of the 100th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's first non-violent direct action against injustice in South Africa, which occurred on September 11, 1906. The event, "Peace on Earth, Peace with Earth," will begin at 5:30pm on September 11, 2006 at Pritchard Park in Asheville, North Carolina with a program of musicians, poets, and inspirational speakers. Participants will then walk silently to the First Presbyterian Church for a potluck community meal and more celebration. 


On September 11, 1906, the Indian nonviolent movement was born as Mohandas K. Gandhi convened a meeting at which he asked Indian workers in South Africa to respond to a racially-degrading new ordinance, the Black Act, with nonviolent resistance. The three thousand Indians present vowed to disobey the law without resorting to violence despite the serious risks of doing so. After the ordinance was repealed in 1914, Gandhi returned to India to lead his 300 million countrymen to nonviolently overthrow the brutal and repressive rule of the British Empire. 


The basis for Gandhi's movement was satyagraha (the force of born of Truth and Love). His Truth, informed by a number of religious traditions (he was especially fond of the Sermon on the Mount), is that "we are one." This concept of human solidarity - we are a community of human beings, each with aspirations and basic rights - leads naturally to ahimsa (non-violence) as it guides us to respect, honor, and love others, even so-called enemies. 


In the light of increasing awareness of ecological destruction, event organizers have extended the concept of "we are one" to include all of creation. The celebration is intended to increase awareness of our need to care for the Earth and our need to care for one another, and to help us build a collaborative community of peace in WNC, our nation, and the world. 


In her proclamation of "Peace on Earth, Peace with Earth Day," Asheville mayor Terry Bellamy, who will speak at the event, encourages citizens "to reflect on the meaning of justice, peace, and non-violent conflict resolution" and to act "in a compassionate, non-harming manner within human society, towards other than human life, and to the earth itself."


All faith communities, peace and justice advocates, and environmental organizations in WNC are invited to sponsor and participate in the event. 
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