[saymaListserv] Millennium Development Goals

Elizabeth Eames roeblingelizabeth at msn.com
Wed Aug 30 16:22:40 JEST 2006

Dear Friends-
     I was a bit disappointed this year while, during my attendance at the 
Baltimore Yearly Meeting, I sat in at the lunch meeting of the Friends 
National Committee on Legislation. I brought to the table my concern for the 
agricultural subsidies of the United States, particularly in my case 
(DR/HAITI) the rice subsidies that make US subsidized rice cheaper than 
local rice. I spoke of the collapse of the DOHA round of trade talks...... 
The gathered Friends looked at me as if I were speaking Urdu. A 
representative from FCNL said that it was their intention to have a focus on 
trade policies in the next few years.
    Friends might benefit from a web search under "Global Village" to 
refresh their ideas on our extreme privilege.
    I ask that Friends take a minute to visit the website - 
www.millenniumcampaign.org - and inform themselves and all our Young Friends 
of the exciting global committment to end poverty by 2015. This is well 
within our grasp.  There are wonderful organizational tools available, 
wonderfully inspiriing stories, actions - small and large that Friends might 
    We are an educated group but I sense that we are poorly informed. We are 
committed to a sense of the deep equality of all humankind.  I hope that 
Friends might turn their heads and hearts and feet a bit away from the 
scenes and news of war and Wage Peace by joining in this global campaign.
     Elizabeth Roebling, Santo Domingo - Asheville Friends Meeting

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