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Dear friends,

A month or so ago, I received a call from a reporter for from Discover 
magazine which resulted in my inclusion in the article excerpted below.  
It is not 100% accurate, but media coverage never is. The basic message 
of this article is that the world's energy production and use is 
undergoing significant change, and that renewable energy is becoming 
The entire article can be found at http://members.aol.com/leanan7/alt-en.htm

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p.s. I am sending this out to my entire email list, so I apologize if it 
is not appropriate. Doing this will also allow me to clean up expired 
email addresses.

p.p.s. I am working with a group to promote energy efficiency and 
renewable energy legislation in Alabama.  Please let me know if you 
would like to be included in this process.


Discover/ picked this as #1 on their list of the top 100 science stories 
of 2006:

  How To Live the Good Life Without Oil

* The unnervingly high price of oil - along with the increasingly 
intensive drilling to get it - has suddenly pushed renewable power 
squarely into the mainstream. *

By Eli Kintisch

DISCOVER Vol. 28 No. 01 | January 2007 | Technology

(paragraph below excerpted from middle of article)

Another stalwart renewable source-solar power-is finally gaining 
traction as prices of solar panels and water heaters have decreased and 
environmental concerns have grown. In 2006 California installed enough 
new photovoltaic capacity to power roughly 20,000 homes. The sun craze 
has spread nationwide too. For decades, 56-year-old builder Daryl 
Bergquist of Royal, Alabama, installed the occasional solar panel as a 
side job. Now he is consulting with green-minded homeowners and 
supervising solar installation crews full time. "The past year and a 
half has been the first where this is my main source of income," he 
says. Driving demand, he says, are high energy costs and individuals 
"realizing that global warming is real."

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