[saymaListserv] Changes to the listseve coming soon!

Liz Perch, SAYMA Admin Assistant adminasst at sayma.org
Fri Dec 22 12:23:22 JEST 2006

As of January 3, 2007, SAYMA will be maintaining three listservs.  Everyone 
subscribed to the current Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting and 
Association's e-mail list-server will be automatically subscribed to the new 
listservs.  All subscribers will receive an email explaining how to 
unsubscribe if they so desire, and how manage their subscriptions.  As of 
January 4, 2007, the original SAYMA listserv will be disabled.  Archives 
will be available at http://kitenet.net/pipermail/sayma/

The new listservs:

A.  SAYMA Important Bulletin Service - This listserv will post the YM's 
Administrative Office bulletins specifically and exclusively about the 
business and work of SAYMA.  Only the office administrator will post to this 
listserv.  Friends may submit items of YM business and work to the 
Administrative Assistant for posting.   You may subscribe to this listserv 
at http://kitenet.net/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/sayma-bulletin.  Meeting 
representatives, persons of responsibility, and meeting clerks are strongly 
urged to subscribe, so as to be kept in the loop of important SAYMA 

B.  SAYMA: General Interests Announcements  -  This listserv is for all 
subscribers to post announcements about events, information, opinion and 
information about action opportunities related to Friends' concerns. 
Appropriate responses to announcements on this listserv are supposed to 
limited to questions of clarification about details, planning information 
such as time, place, topic and contact information.  For information on how 
to subscribe, unsubscribe, or post messages, go to 

C.  SAYMA Discussion  "This list is for the SAYMA community to discuss 
general issues of concern to Quakers."  For information on how to subscribe, 
unsubscribe, or post messages, go to 

Wishing you all the best in this season of peace,

Liz Perch
SAYMA Administrative Assistant
330 Goebel Avenue
Savannah, GA 31404
215 808 6537 (cell and voicemail)
adminasst at sayma.org 

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