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Liz Perch, SAYMA Admin Assistant adminasst at sayma.org
Tue Dec 26 20:32:12 JEST 2006

Dear Friends;

Ben Lomond Quaker Center is pleased to offer an internship opportunity 
for an individual who is led to service with Friends and who aspires to 
learn about nonprofit management and conference center operations.  The 
intern works and lives in a beautiful rural setting dedicated to social 
justice and spiritual growth.  The attached announcement provides 
details about the internship.  Interested individuals should visit 
Quaker Center's website,  
<http://www.quakercenter.org>www.quakercenter.org for details and 
application materials.  We will also be happy to respond to telephone 
inquiries at (831) 336 8333, and we welcome visits from potential intern 

We request that you forward this announcement to the monthly and 
quarterly meetings in your yearly meeting.  Also, if you know of any 
individuals who you feel would benefit from this internship we ask that 
you inform them about this opportunity.  One of Quaker Center's goals is 
to develop future Quaker leaders, and our internship program is a 
component of this goal. 

We believe that this is a very special opportunity for the right 
individual, and we hope that you will be able to help Quaker Center and 
that individual find each other.

In peace

Gretta and Jacob Stone, Co-Directors
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