[saymaListserv] Action to end torture by USA on Jan 11th : Can your Meeting Endorse it?

Free Polazzo freepolazzo at comcast.net
Sat Dec 30 10:17:26 JEST 2006

Dear SAYMA Friends,

I just found out that there is a national effort being organized to 
publicize the fact that the USA is still torturing people in this 
"war on terror" happening on Jan 11, 2007 and to call for a stop to 
it.  Only organizations are being listed as sponsor and endorsers and 
I read the list looking for Friends' involvement and couldn't find 
even one! . :-[

My MM  doesn't have a business meeting until after the scheduled 
event happens.   Perhaps your MM will be meeting before then and can 
find unity to support this action.   If so, could you also consider 
being listed as part of this peace work.  I pray way opens for some 
Quaker group to be identified as supporting the work to end torture.


Holding us all in the light as we work to remove violence as an 
option to solving disputes.


Free Polazzo
Atlanta Friends Meeting
Anneewakee Creek Friends Worship Group

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