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Penelope Wright pennywright at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 5 19:02:51 JEST 2006

Dear Friends,
This is  good news/sad news message of two of Nashville's and SAYMA's most loved Friends.
Pasted below is the latest update from Hibbard's son - I would say a very cold snail's pace of progress.
In sending out the updates about Hibbard, Marian Fuson had shared that Nelson had been in the nursing care facility of Kendal for some time and declining rapidly. We heard this morning that he died in the early morning of this First Day. I had a chance meeting of the Fuson's daughter-in-law who said she and Dan had talked of a memorial at a later date here in Nashville and hoped the meeting would be part of that. I felt safe in assuring her that we would be honored to do so.
Marian's address is:
112 Kendal Dr., Kennett Square, PA 19348
mnfuson1 at aol.com

Blessings and Light to all,
Penelope Wright

Alan Thatcher, writing from home in Chicago. Feb 4, 2006

I visited with Hibbard at St Thomas yesterday before leaving town.  He 
had been steadily improving during the week, and was noticeably 
stronger than even the day before.  He's still unable to speak due to 
the respirator and 'trach' tube, but the respiratory tech diverted a 
little air which allowed him to croak out a few words.  He'll need 
speech therapy eventually to get his voice back (after two weeks of the 
respirator tube being down his throat) but prospects are good for 
restoring that resonant bass.

As he is doing so well,  I think short visits with Hibbard will be 
fine.  In fact I think he will be glad to see people.  And as neither 
Jonathan or I will be in Nashville for the next few days, it would be 
especially helpful.   He is in room #220 in the 'special care' section 
of the hospital, second floor. It's possible to call the room 
directly...but obviously Hibbard can't answer it.

Hibbard is going a good job of communicating by gesture and expression. 
  That only goes so far, but you will find him much the same Hibbard, 
just quieter.  He is eager for stimulation and exercise.  He is doing 
regular physical therapy, and doing some exercises on his own.

A St Thomas social worker has been in touch, and they are recommending 
a comprehensive rehab facility for Hibbard's next step from St Thomas.  
This would be a good bit more rigorous than the skilled nursing 
facility we were thinking of before.  Hibbard is very familiar with 
Vanderbilt's Stallworth Rehab center, from Ruby's time there, so that 
is probably where he'll go.  I expect he will tackle rehab with the 
energy he does any project.  I would not expect this to happen in less 
than another ten days.

As always, emails, calls, and cards to the house are very welcome.  
Mike Thatcher is staying with Ruby, but she would enjoy visits too.

Thank you for holding Hibbard in the light!
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