[saymaListserv] Fwd: Why the McCain Torture Ban Won't Work

free polazzo freepolazzo at comcast.net
Wed Feb 8 16:13:54 JEST 2006

>Dear Free and All,
>Thanks for your letter.  Good to hear from you and receive your 
>support for the QUIT June conference. <www.quit-torture-now.org> Not 
>only will the McCain law fail to end torture.  Several other 
>domestic and international laws are simply being ignored.  The end 
>to torture rests in the heartland, not Washington.  Torture has 
>never been legal in the US.  Jennifer Harbury, keynote speaker for 
>the QUIT conference, has detailed the legal aspects in her book, 
>"Truth, Torture, and the American Way".  A brief history of American 
>torture can be read and downloaded for reprinting in pamphlet #3 
>from Historians Against the War website- 
>The Quaker Initiative to End Torture needs support- We need 
>financial donations for the June conference.  We need broad 
>attendance from your Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Meetings.  We 
>need minutes of support and news from our website to be widely 
>shared.  Please help us to gather the energies needed for another 
>great historic Quaker work.
>Thanks, John Calvi
>Convenor, QUIT
>John Calvi
>calvij at sover.net
>PO Box 301
>Putney VT 05346 USA

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