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I forward this with great sadness, except that Elizabeth would not take
kindly to anything but our remembering her ith joy and gratitude for all the
gifts she was given and shared with us. This news makes all the sweeter her
presence at the first Elizabeth Watson lecture at the Gathering this past
Penelope Wright
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> My Dear Friends,
> It is with great tenderness I write to ask your prayers for Elizabeth
> who seems to have begun her departure.  I spoke with her daughter Carol
> today.  Not long after Elizabeth had her 92nd birthday January 7, she had
> slight fall.  Since that time a decline in energy, awareness, and wellness
> has brought nursing help into George and Elizabeth's home in Mpls.  Carol
> has permitted me to write and ask that Elizabeth & George and their family
> be held in the Light for a smooth passing, likely in the next weeks.
> and Elizabeth have now been together 68.5 years.  One can imagine that
> leaving has no ease for anyone with so many years of love.  This great
> Quaker feminist theologian author shed a great deal of Light in her long
> life.  We hold her now in our hearts that her being will be washed of
> pain, and struggle.  And that all the compassion she shared is surrounding
> her now from our hearts to hers.
> In the Light,
> John Calvi
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