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Peggy Bonnington bonnipeg at charter.net
Tue Feb 21 23:07:40 JEST 2006

Greetings, SAYMA,

We've just installed a new computer, and I'm trying to get my
address book updated. I hope you'll take a moment to help me by
sending your latest contact info. If you're not already using
PLAXO, you might want to know how helpful they are at a time
like this!

Click the following link to correct or confirm your information: https://www.plaxo.com/edit_contact_info?r=25770240573-58704424-559860885

Job Title: 
Work E-mail: sayma at kitenet.net
Work Phone: 
Work Fax: 
Work Address Line 1: 
Work Address Line 2: 
Work City, State, Zip: 
Mobile Phone: 

Home E-mail: 
Home Phone: 
Home Fax: 
Home Address Line 1: 
Home Address Line 2: 
Home City, State, Zip: 

P.S. I've included my current contact information below.  I've also attached a copy as a vCard.

 | Peggy Bonnington
 | bonnipeg at charter.net
 | President
 | Downtown Artists Co-op
 | PO Box 754
 | Clarksville, TN 37041-0754   OR:
 | 96 Franklin Street Clarksville TN 37040
 | mobile: 931-216-0830
 | web: http://www.clarksvilleartists.org
 | Personal Information: 
 | PegFolly Arts
 | 1451 Zinc Plant Road
 | Clarksville TN 37040
 | home: 931-647-9284
 | mobile: 931-216-0830
 | web: http://www.picturetrail.com/pegfollyarts
 | e-mail: bonnipeg at charter.net

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