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Wed Feb 22 22:41:07 JEST 2006

Dear Friends,
Some really good news about Hibbard. He had a little set back last week, due to more sedation than was called for, but he has made a great recovery and now moved to rehab for more intensive physical therapy and respiratory therapy. Penelope
Hibbard was moved this afternoon to Select Specialty Hospital, room 4515, which is on the fourth floor of Baptist 
Rehabilitation Hospital.  While he still tires easily, he is much more able to speak, and his nurse said visitors are very welcome (but no flowers or plants in the facility).

For those of you in the Nashville area, please drop in and visit 
Hibbard if you can.  He would benefit from the stimulation of your visits!  He will also be getting much more physical therapy than he did at St. Thomas.  He is still completing the 6-8 week course of 
antibiotics to make sure the MRSA is completely eradicated, so you 
should use the gel hand wash on the wall outside his room before and 
after visiting with him, unless the nurse says it is unnecessary.

Hibbard is still a little confused about time and place, which is extremely common for someone who has spent 5 weeks in intensive care. However, the longer you visit, the more alert and "with it" he becomes.

How to get there from South Nashville:
1. take 21st Ave South through Vanderbilt area
2. RIGHT onto Division Street when 21st and Division split
3. first LEFT onto 20th Ave South
4. continue a couple of blocks on 20th Ave and cross over West End 
5. first LEFT at stop sign after West End Avenue, onto Hayes Street
6. the red brick building on your right is Baptist Rehabilitation 
Hospital, but continue about half a block and take RIGHT directly into 
the "Plaza 1 and 2" Parking Garage, which is free but very tight.
7. take elevator to level 1, where you can walk across the open area to 
the entrance of Baptist Rehabilitation Hospital (red brick building), 
or if it's raining, you can use doors inside the parking garage to go 
around through the Plaza buildings.
8. once in Baptist Rehab, take elevator to 4th floor and follow 
corridor to room 4515.

I have taped many cards and pictures on the wall of Hibbard's room, and 
there are several more here at the house that I will take in tomorrow.  
If you want to send a card or letter ONLY, the following address should work:

Hibbard Thatcher
c/o Select Specialty Hospital
Room 4515
2021 Church Street
Nashville, TN  37203-2016

Thanks again for your thoughts, prayers, and support.  Please continue 
to hold Hibbard in the light.

For the family,
Jonathan Thatcher

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