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1. Council Meeting Moves Transition into High Gear
On 2-4 April, at the University for Peace in Costa Rica, the newly formed 
Earth Charter International Council met for the first time and set the 
"Transition to Phase 3" formally on course. Since then, things have been moving quickly. 
This special edition of Newsflash provides an update on some of the changes 
that are already happening, and some that are planned for the near future. 
First, the Council meeting itself was a milestone in the history of the Earth 
Charter Initiative. Formed through an open nominating process, the 23-member 
Council is a geographically and culturally diverse group. It brings new faces 
together with people who have been with the Initiative essentially since the 
beginning. Members include senior figures in the international arena, Earth 
Charter leaders working at the national level, sectoral experts, business people, 
and youth representatives. 
In two days of intense dialogue, facilitated by Co-Chairs Steven Rockefeller 
(USA) and Erna Witoelar (Indonesia), the Council found remarkably quick 
pathways to consensus on key issues concerning organizational structure, strategy, 
and initial policy. (See sidebar, "Results of the Council Meeting.") In sum, 
the Council approved the following:
         A formal Transition Plan based on the original strategic direction 
set by the Steering Committee in September of 2005. This affirms the strategy 
of creating a global network of Earth Charter Centers, as well as the 
Transition's overarching goals (the "Four E's"):  Expanded Awareness, Engaged 
Endorsement, Education for a Sustainable Way of Life, and Ethics-Based Governance and 
         An initial set of policies for Earth Charter International on 
issues such as fundraising, global engagement, and stewarding the Charter itself; 
and a set of Strategic Guidelines for prioritizing program development. The 
emphasis of these policies is on action and implementation, partnership 
development, and promoting a message of hope, while strengthening the role of the 
Charter as a common statement of vision and ethics for the world as a whole.
         Guidelines for the operation of the Council itself, and for related 
governance issues such as the creation of an Executive Committee, and the 
The establishment of the Council — and its creation, in turn, of these 
guiding policies and decisions — means that the Staff of Earth Charter International 
was able to shift from planning to implementation.  And as the rest of this 
newsletter describes, we have made that shift very decisively.  We on the ECI 
Staff team were grateful for the Council's engagement, obvious dedication, and 
clear guidance to us, and we look forward to this continuing dialogue.
2. ECI Launches a “Global Campaign for Commitment to a Sustainable Future”
As a way of bringing all of its new outreach activity under one umbrella, ECI 
has decided to develop a “Global Campaign for Commitment to a Sustainable 
Future” — a worldwide effort to raise awareness about the Earth Charter, and to 
increase engagement with the principles and practice of sustainable 
development.  The concept of the Campaign was launched at an event organized with ECI 
partners Earth Council Alliance and Roots of Peace in San Francisco on 10 May 
2006. So far, the Campaign is focused on three messages, in the form of three 
requests:  (1) Talk about the Earth Charter, and about the vision of a 
sustainable world.  (2) Contribute to the sustainability initiative of your choice, 
with money, time, ideas, whatever resources you can.  (3) Implement the Earth 
Charter in your, or your organization's, daily life.  And if you are already 
doing such things, consider ways to increase your commitment, and your level of 
The idea of the Campaign will continue to develop over time, with materials 
and outreach strategies, and a fundraising component as well. We will soon be 
writing you to actively invite your participation of in helping us to spread 
the word.  Help us to grow the Global Campaign.
3. UNESCO and ECI Partnering to Promote the UN Decade for Education on 
Sustainable Development 
UNESCO has asked Earth Charter International to be a strategic partner in 
advancing the goals of this special UN Decade ("DESD"), and specifically to 
organize a major conference for the Latin America region. Dates for this 
international meeting, to be held in Costa Rica, are 1-2 November 2006.  UNESCO is also 
making Earth Charter educational materials available through its networks, as 
is the UN Economic Commission for Europe. 
This partnership is a confirmation of ECI's leading role in the field of 
Education for Sustainable Development, the strategic focus of our Center at the 
University for Peace (the official name of which is "The Earth Charter Center 
for Education for Sustainable Development at UPEACE.") We will send more details 
about this conference in the months ahead.
4. New Earth Charter Web Site Up, Set to Expand
We are in the process of redesigning our website to create an entirely new 
and expanded presence for the Earth Charter Initiative on the internet. The new 
site will feature a variety of "blogs," or continuously updated postings of 
events, articles, resources, etc. In fact, the site will actually be a small 
"family" of sites, including the recently launched "Earth Charter in Action" site 
(http://www.EarthCharterinAction.org/). Here you can already download the 
entire "Earth Charter in Action" book, for free, in three languages.  Other 
articles and resources, drawing inspiration from the book, will provide a 
continuous window on the action side of the Earth Charter. Other "blog" (weblog) sites 
will focus on education, youth, and more. 
Eventually, our communications system — including the Newsflash! — will look 
very different, with email newsletters linking to continuously updated 
websites, with contributors from all over the world.  
We will be actively soliciting submissions of information on activities, 
projects, and the like ... you can already send your submissions to 
editors at earthcharterinaction.org.  Let us know what you are doing!
5. ECI Receives Major Grant from Plan Netherlands
ECI has received a two-year grant equal to over USD 580,000 to help advance 
its transition planning from the Dutch development agency Plan Netherlands, a 
branch of Plan International.  The grant will also support the development of 
the Earth Charter Youth Initiative, as well as programming to explore new 
strategies for sustainable livelihood development, guided by Earth Charter 
principles. For more information on this important new partnership with Plan — one of 
the world's leading development agencies, with a special focus on the 
well-being of children — please see our website.
6. Earth Charter Commissioners to Attend 2006 Earth Dialogues in Brisbane, 
Convened by Green Cross
Brisbane, Australia, 21-24 July 2006.   Brisbane Festival 2006 is to host a 
major international "Earth Dialogues" forum, chaired by President Mikhail 
Gorbachev and Queensland Premier Peter Beattie. Earth Dialogues Brisbane 2006 will 
focus on the need for the ethical and sustainable management of natural 
resources and its potential for enhancing world peace. Earth Charter Commissioners 
Maurice Strong and Wakako Hironaka are expected to attend. International 
decision makers, Nobel Laureates in Peace and other dignitaries will speak, and the 
Earth Charter will be very much in focus during the proceedings. 
See http://www.brisbanefestival.com.au/p_earthdialogues.htm.

7. Germany's Earth Charter Champions Support the Philippines' Earth Charter 
Campus Caravan 
As an example of the Earth Charter in Action, the Ecumenical One World 
Initiative in Germany recently collected 1096,20 euros, and donated these to the 
Earth Charter Campus Caravan project in the Philippines.  Ecumenical One World 
Initiative has served as an Earth Charter Focal Point, and took this action to 
"celebrate 30 years of exploring alternative lifestyles in Germany and ... 5 
years of serving as national Earth Charter focal point. This step is meant to 
show our support and commitment to the worldwide efforts of promoting the ethics 
of sustainability and the Earth Charter."
8. The "Value of Values" Seminar:  Report, DVD, and Audio Files ("Podcasts") 
Now Available
Now you can attend, virtually, our successful Imperial College London event, 
featuring international sustainability leaders John Elkington, Jane Nelson, 
Princess Basma of Jordan, Ruud Lubbers, Alexander Likhotal, and Herman Mulder. 
Focused on the role of global ethics and the Earth Charter in government and 
business, "The Value of Values" Seminar also contributed to an international 
dialogue on this topic. We encourage our Affiliates to exlore creating their own 
"Value of Values" seminars around the world. We will provide you with a simple 
"kit" to guide the process, including a sample agenda, invitation letters, 
and slide presentation.
You can download a free report from the London event with excerpts from the 
speakers, or listen to the speeches in full (in MP3 format) for free, or order 
a two-disc DVD for professional or educational use, for USD 39 / Euros 30, 
plus shipping. More info: http://www.earthcharterinaction.org. 
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