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These are a few of the messages on the QUIT listserve this week.  They may be 
of interest to you, so I put them together.....Kristi Estes
Friends – Interesting and potentially good news.  Just before the Senate 
Judiciary Committee started its meeting this morning (on what to do in response to 
the Supreme Court decision banning military tribunals at Guantanamo), the 
White House announced that it will comply with Common Article 3 of the Geneva 
Conventions.  In a memo addressed to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and others, Gordon 
England said, “The Supreme Court has determined that Common Article 3 to the 
Geneva Conventions of 1949 applies as a matter of law to the conflict with Al 
Queda…”  He goes on to say that, aside from the military commission 
procedures, he believes that existing DoD orders, policies, directives, etc. (including 
the current, not the revised, version of the Army Field manual) comply with 
the standards of Common Article 3.  So all of the various addressees are 
ordered “to review all relevant directives, regulations, policies, practices, and 
procedures to ensure that they comply…”

We disagree, of course, that current practices (at least) comply with Common 
Article 3.  But acknowledgment by the White House that the Geneva Conventions 
apply is a very good step forward.  

FCNL will have information on its web site this afternoon, including a 
statement by Joe Volk, a blog entry by Dan Smith, and a copy of the England memo, 
which includes the text of Common Article 3.  Check in an hour or so at 
Ruth Flower
Legislative Director
Friends Committee on National Legislation
245 2nd St. NE
Washington D.C. 20002
202-547-6000 ext 2524

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        Letting you know that Brooklyn approved yesterday the display of a 
banner which is being sent to different churches and faith communities in NYC, 
"Honor God -- Say No to Torture"  A copy of the minute follows; a copy of the 
banner is attached.
        The moving spirit behind this particular effort is Neena Das, who was 
also the moving spirit behind the City Council resolution supporting the 
peace tax fund bill. I've copied below some of her message which describes the 
origination of the idea. The larger group is National Religious Coalition Against 
Torture (see link in Neena's message). There's also a petition on the web 
site, which Neena also forwarded; 15 at Brooklyn have signed it so far.

2006.07.16           Friends approve the public display of a banner ?Honor 
God ? Say No to Torture? in cooperation with other communities of faith in New 
York City. When dates are selected for the display, they are to be provided to 
the meeting calendar. From Neena:

The original inspiration was a woman in Texas who 'got' 13 churches to agree 
to put up the banner for a month.  She funded the banners.  Usually the 
churches had information available and apparently it was a started some fruitful 
conversation at the churches. The story is at www.nrcat.org 
<http://www.nrcat.org> . 
Riverside has a banner which we displayed for a week and we thought it would 
be a good idea to ask other houses of worship if they would like to do the 
same. We didn't want to put our banner in storage. 

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