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Quakerkristi at aol.com Quakerkristi at aol.com
Fri Jul 14 10:42:23 JEST 2006

To kitenet and clerks/contact persons,

In case folks didn't get the word from Yearly Meeting Sessions - Mary 
Calhoun, our Administrative Assistant, has resigned after 7 years of service to 
SAYMA.  We are currently taking applications for that position.

In the interim a working group has volunteered to cover the essential tasks.

To contact us about SAYMA business;
        email  clerk at sayma.org   for Kristi
                  adminasst at sayma.org  (different volunteers may answer)

        or you may phone me: (901)274-0833

        or write:  SAYMA
                     c/o Kristi Estes, clerk
                     1793 Forrest Ave.
                      Memphis, TN  38112

We hope to have the position filled before September Representative Meeting.

Please hold the selection process in the Light.

Thanks,  Kristi Estes
              Clerk of SAYMA
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