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>From the Christian Women's Leadership Director at Samford University:

Below/attached are messages from various CWLC friends in Lebanon and Jordan.  In the attached PDF document you will read from Nabil Costa how Dr. Agnes Sanders; a young musician; and others are being instruments of peace in Beirut simply by being themselves and using their unique sets of skills.  Below is a letter from a Lebanese Samford student to Professor Nancy Whitt, followed by letters from Ruba Abbassi, founder of Arab Woman Today, about the situation in Jordan as people there-once again-take in refugees.  Please remember our Women in Black friends in Israel and Palestine as they continue their work for peace, one woman at a time.  Sawsan Haddad's latest letter is at the website www.cwlc.us.  As Nancy wrote to Claud, we hold our sisters and brothers in the Light.  Shalom/Salaam, Carol Ann 

 Professor Whitt,
First of all, I'd like to thank you very much for your concern and prayers.  We're back in the news again, and how I wish we were not. In the last 24-hours Lebanon has witnessed a major security set-back with Israel. Aggressions and  counter-aggressions are the theme of the day bringing about losses in the lives  of innocent civilians and considerable destruction in the country's infrastructure. Unfortunately, Israel is concentrating on the infrastructure and  vital areas; Till now, 3 airports were bombed, around 50 bridges were completely destroyed, and many pores and touristic places were striken by the Israel F-16  warplanes. As a matter of fact, the main cause of this war was the kidnap of the 2 Israel  soldiers by our terrorist political party "Husb Allah". But unfortunately,  Israel didn't limit its military actions on "Husb Allah", but expanded them to  kill around 130 civilians (only 3 of them were from that political party), and  pull down Lebanon's economy.  I just wanted to give you a brief update, for you to know, how highly dangerous  the situation is in Lebanon, nowadays. Please, continue on praying for my country and for the region. Pray for genuine peace. Pray as well for the safety of all my beloved people there. Lebanon needs your prayers !  Many thanks with much appreciation, Claud. 
July 18 

Dear Friends,
Undoubtedly as you hear the news from Lebanon and Israel, you are wondering how life is in Jordan.  Many folks are emailing to ask how we are and how they can pray. . . . Our hearts are heavy because of the bombings.  Our hearts are heavy because we have dear friends in Lebanon whose lives and ministries are being affected by the situation.  We would ask that you pray for Jordan and for us in the following ways:
Jordan is a small country (the size of the State of Indiana) with limited natural resources, especially water.  Already we have millions of refugees from Iraq and Palestine.  Thousands of people are entering Jordan daily as they escape from Lebanon and Syria.   Pray for Jordan to be able to handle this large influx of people and provide them with basic essentials of life. Pray that Jordan will remain strong as a country and that the government will remain stable.   Pray that our team in Jordan will have opportunity to minister to the people that are already here. 

Nabeeh is responsible for the Levant Christar members, which includes one Lebanese-Canadian family in Beirut, one single American who evacuated from Syria to Jordan yesterday, and 10 family units in Jordan. As tension mounts in the region, it can be unsettling for non-Jordanians, especially those who are relatively new to the region.  Pray God will give our Christar workers peace and wisdom in making decisions concerning their safety and their ministries.
Our family will travel to the US on August 6, plans that were made months before the events of the last week.  Ramzi will be enrolling in Samford University (Birmingham, AL) and we will be waiting to receive our green cards.  Lord willing we will return to Jordan September 15. 

Ruba is facing great challenges as she proceeds with her masterâ€*s thesis [in women's studies] and must make some big decisions in the next week.  Pray God will clearly guide her as to how He wants her to proceed. Continue to pray for the Husn Church during the transition of Nabeeh completely stepping aside this summer and laymen taking over leadership of the church.  There is a small, Christian school in Ammanâ€*s northern village of Ajloun.  The school is in desperate need of staff, remodeling and funding for both.  Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, emails of concern, friendships and partnership in the Gospel. Serving for the Sake of His Kingdom, Nabeeh and Ruba
Thursday, 18 July 2006   Dear Friends of AWT Ministries, Undoubtedly you hear news daily of the difficult situation facing the Middle East.  Many people are asking how this is affecting AWT Ministries and our staff I am writing to you to put your mind at ease that we are all well and safe.  For those of us in Jordan, not much has changed but our hearts are heavy for our neighbors.  I'd ask you to pray for the following items: 

Our AWT office in Beirut, Lebanon, has been closed due to the situation. Two of our AWT team are in Lebanon.  Sawsan is Lebanese and is planning to stay in Lebanon with her family.  Jennifer is American and is awaiting US evacuation plans to Cyprus where she will then get a plane to come to Jordan.  

AWT activities in Lebanon have been put on hold.  We've been asked to hold a women's conference there, but cannot make any plans until there is calm and safety. Many of our listeners in Lebanon and Northern Israel could be affected.  Please pray for their safety.  And of course, without electricity, they will not be able to hear the broadcasts or correspond with us.  

AWT could be affected financially because Sawsan, Manager of Resource Development, will not be able to do any work during this time.  

Thank you for your prayers for AWT, for our staff, for our region and especially for our brothers and sisters being affected by this terrible situation. For His Glory,  
Ruba Abbassi
General Manager
Arab Woman Today Ministry
Box 930101
Amman, 11193 Jordan
Work # + 962 6556 2330
Cell # + 962 79599 8599
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Nabil K. Costa
Executive Director
Lebanese Society for Educational & Social Development (LSESD)
P.O.Box 165
Mansourieh El Metn 
Tel: 961 4 401922 - Fax: 961 4 532481
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