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Julia Ewen jewen at bellsouth.net
Thu Jul 27 11:38:25 JEST 2006

There is an op-ed piece in today's New York Times by this same scientist.
Quite a good article. He does correct the idea that he came out against the
idea that there is global warming occurring, but he also pointed out that
the evidence he was collecting was about Antarctica, and at that, about a
particular peninsula that is a special case within Antarctica. He says it is
problematic to extrapolate from data about Antarctica to what is happening
or not happening globally. There are so many variables and the systems are
so very complicated.

However, what grabbed my attention in the op-ed piece (and the author would
probably have my head on a plate for booting this bit out of context!) is
that the ozone hole above the South Pole is healing! He attributes this to
the drop in usage of aerosols that attack the ozone layer (GOOD!). However,
as the hole closes, the "green-house" effect has been increasing, because
less heat is escaping through the hole. (BAD!)

Now this does not mean that we should all start using hair spray again to
deflect global warming!
But it does point up something that consistently puts ME in a
bind...Whatever fix we come up with for an environmental problem seems to
set up its own environmental problem!

Several years back, some guys from Tech met with Social Concerns Committee
about the effects of pollution and emissions, etc. on the environment. They
had a computer program that could, they said, with great accurracy predict
what sort of environmental catastrophes would occur and when. But when I
asked them exactly what we needed to do prevent these things from occurring,
they said that was extremely difficult, to impossible to say, because there
are too many variables. It is easy to make a prediciton of disaster from a
known variable or given value and extrapolate the probable outcome. But
every time you change something, you set up new choices, which in turn set
up more choices, and an infinite number of permutations based on different
combinations of choices...

The way to take care of tomorrow is to make today better! Because that is
the only day of which we have a clear view, and a reasonably limited number
of choices from which to choose...

Or to put it more simply (and poetically):

Look to this day. Yesterday is but a dream of what has been, and tomorrow is
only a vision of what may be. But today, well-lived, makes yesterday a dream
of happiness and tomorrow a vision of hope...Look well, therefore, to THIS


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> Hi Friends,
> News from a scientist who clears the air about being misquoted in
> much of the popular  media.   The internet can make it easier for the
> truth to be known.
> Pass this on to folks who are not sure about the "inconvenient truth"
> about global warming.
> Blessings,
> Free
> >  <http://www.nytimes.com/>
> >The New York Times
> >   OPINION   | July 27, 2006
> >Contributor:  Cold, Hard Facts
> >I would like to remove my name from the list of scientists who
> >dispute global warming. I know my co-authors would as well.
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