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FROM:  Bill Reynolds, Clerk of SAYMA ad hoc committee on  Electronic 
Communications (ECC)
Below find the web site policies proposal which, for the most  part, was 
distributed to YM in business session on 6-8-06.  This version  has a few small 
additions which I have italicized.  In addition we are  evaluating whether to 
add Open Office Documents (.odt) to the list of  "accceptable formats" under the 
"Guidelines for Documents."  
By the way, this "proposal" is actually no more than formal  documentation of 
how and why the SAYMA website has been operating all along; it  proposes 
nothing substantially new nor any change from long-standing  operations.  It is 
being documented to provide guidance for those  who will become newly involved 
in its operations in the future.  
Please forward any comments and questions to a member  of ECC, the Clerk of 
ECC (Bill Reynolds), or to your MM/WG's  representative for consideration prior 
to the fall Representative Meeting in  Berea on 9-9-06. 
If you would like the proposal emailed to you as an attachment  in a 
particular format, email Bill Reynolds at _cisland at aol.com_ (mailto:cisland at aol.com)  
with your request.   

Proposed Web Site Policies
Sixth Month,  2006
The purposes of the SAYMA Web Site (_www.sayma.org_ (http://www.sayma.org) )  

 To share  information among SAYMA Monthly Meetings, Worship Groups and 
attendees about  organizational matters;
 To  reach out to potential attendees by providing information about how to 
contact  SAYMA Friends and locate SAYMA Monthly Meetings and Worship  Groups;
 To inform the world at  large about SAYMA activities.

The SAYMA Web Site will publish items of general interest to  SAYMA Friends 
submitted by Monthly Meetings, Worship Groups, Yearly Meeting  committees, 
groups within SAYMA or people in positions of  responsibility for the Yearly 
Specific content will include:

 An annual  calendar of Yearly Meeting events;
 An archive of minutes of Representative Meeting  and Yearly Meeting 
business sessions (not including the attendee lists) and  other documents in the 
official record of the Yearly Meeting;
 A list of people in positions of  responsibilities, including contact 
 Information and registration materials (possibly  including on-line 
registration pages) for Representative Meetings and Yearly  Meeting gatherings;
 Guide to  Our Faith and Practice working documents and drafts;
 Announcements of workshops, retreats, etc.,  sponsored by member groups and 
open to all;
 Information about SAYF and SAYF  retreats;
 Issues of Southern  Appalachian Friend newsletter and subscription 
 The Yearly Meeting Handbook (when  available);
 Information about  other Yearly Meeting programs;
 Links to other Quaker organizations, including  FGC, FCNL, FWCC, and AFSC.

To facilitate Yearly Meeting committee work, the web  manager may provide 
private, password-protected web space for committees to keep  working documents.  
Groups within SAYMA who would like a link or a  presence on the website are 
encouraged to contact the web manager.  
Monthly Meeting/Worship Group  Pages:
The web site will have a page for each monthly meeting and  worship group 
officially affiliated with SAYMA.  These pages will  contain:

 The name and  status (i.e. Monthly Meeting, Preparative Meeting, Worship 
Group)  of the  meeting;
 The place and times of  meeting;
 Directions to the  meeting or a link to a map;
· A  link to the meeting’s own web site (if any);
 Contact information provided by the  meeting;
 An email link of the  form <meeting name>@sayma.org.

Email sent to the above email address will be forwarded  automatically to the 
email contact person designated by the meeting.  If  the meeting does not 
designate an email contact person, such messages will go to  the web manager.
It will be the responsibility of the individual meetings to  keep their 
information up to date by notifying the SAYMA web manager of  changes.
Guidelines for Documents:
Documents for publication on the SAYMA Web Site must be  submitted in digital 
form and ready for publication.  Acceptable formats  are:

 Microsoft Word,  Excel, or Publisher;
 Corel  WordPerfect or Quattro Pro;
 Abode Acrobat PDF;
 Rich Text Format (RTF);

The web manager may correct spelling, grammatical or obvious  factual errors, 
but should not be expected to do major editing of submitted  documents. 
Documents will be posted in one or more of these formats (at  the discretion 
of the web manager):


The web manager will make a reasonable effort to insure that  the on-line 
document is as much like the original as possible, but sometimes  changes in 
format are necessary.
For best results, documents to be posted on the web should  have a simple 
layout with at least 1 inch margins and at most two font  families.  Common font 
families, such as Times New Roman and Arial, work  best.
Privacy and Security:
Personal information such as names, postal addresses and email  addresses 
will not be published on the SAYMA web site without the person’s  knowledge and 
The web manager will choose technologies that reduce the  likelihood that 
individuals will be subjected to spam, crank phone calls, or  other unwanted 
communication as a result of web site content.

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