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Sun Jun 18 14:18:33 JEST 2006

One idea from the Quaker Initiative to End Torture Conference was the 
possibility of having a  Quaker presence at the November vigil to close the School of 
the Americas in Ft. Bennings, GA.

This is in our "territory" and we might want to help facilitate it in some 
way.  Chuck Fager of Quaker House is interested in the effort as well.

As to the vote on the SOA last week in the House of Representatives......I 
think this is an accurate summary, but specifics can be found at www.soaw.org

        The Ammendment to HR1217 to cut funding to the SOA was defeated but 
with some impressive support for cutting it.  The ammendment was defeated 188 
(yes) to 218 (no).    
Our local Rep. Ford voted yes - to the cut, as did 29 republicans. 

     The School of the Americas Watch considered this a critical vote, and 
that we won in some ways...in the fact that the debate and vote happened, that 
more Republicans supported a cut, and that it is a part of the ongoing campaign 
to close the school.

    The ACLU has recently released evidence that the FBI is conducting an 
increased level of counterterrorism investigation into SOAW, partly due to how 
dramatically the vigil has grown in recent years.  Those who chose to do civil 
disobedience recieved 1-6 month sentences, but it hasn't stopped the witness.

    This is an effort that is not going away, please consider how you/we 
might support this effort...It is a loud voice against torture and abuse.

Agitating for Peace,  Kristi
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