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A few weeks ago, you received a letter from us, Little Rock Meeting's
Bunk Bed Committee, outlining opportunities to engage in volunteer work
and/or participate by assisting with collecting bedding.  A copy of that
letter follows.  In my communication, I failed to mention that this will
be at least a two year project and we would like your help "spreading
the word."  We would very much appreciate it if you would pass on this
information to your constituent Quarterly Meetings and Monthly Meeting.

Thanking you for your help and assistance, I am
     Friend,  Marianne Lockard


Little Rock Monthly Meeting would like to extend an invitation to all
F/friends, meetings and groups to actively participate in our Bunk Bed
Project.  After Hurricane's Katrina and Rita, Little Rock Meeting,
carrying a concern for the thousands of families that lost their homes,
undertook the Bunk Bed Project.  Small groups of volunteers will be
building sturdy bunk beds complete with mattresses, pillows, sheets,
pillow cases and blankets.  The beds will be offered to families with
children that are finding themselves living in small spaces - temporary
or permanent.  The bed components are put together in the home, a job of
about 20 or so minutes.  But time enough for genuine exchange to take

Our needs assessment (done with the help of Catholic Charities) revealed
a much greater need than we originally thought.  It is estimated that we
will be building and delivering bunk beds, 800 to 1,000, over the next
two years.  We are a small meeting and it feels almost overwhelming, but
so rightly led.

The construction and storage site is located in Arkadelphia, AR., an
hour south of Little Rock. A major timber company in Arkansas is
donating framing lumber and we are in the process of trying to identify
a company to donate mattresses.  The foregoing are the two most
expensive aspects of our project.  But there are still a great many
needs and we are hoping that Friends and Friends Meeting everywhere will
be able to assist us.  Donations are always welcome and we will be
actively fund raising for the next two years.

But at the present time our most critical need is for volunteers:
individuals, families, groups small and large!  Volunteers to work
several hours, a half day, all day, several days, a week or weeks.  We
have created packets of information regarding housing and meal
possibilities.  In addition, DeGray State Park is located just a few
miles from Arkadelphia.  Tenting and camping is a possibility at the
park.  Park Interpreters have volunteered to offer interpretive programs
on the geography, plant and animal life in that part of Arkansas.
Swimming and boating are other options when volunteers are not engaged
in sanding and staining and screwing bed components parts together.


Contact Information:
Jean Sizemore, Co-Clerk              Volunteer Information:
Little Rock Monthly Meeting          Marianne Lockard
10114 Ironton Rd.                    602 N. Greening
Little Rock, AR  72206               Hope, AR 71801
501-888-2095                         870-777-5382
JWolfe34 at aol.com                     MariQuaker at Arkansas.net

1) Bedding for Bunk Beds:  Sheet Sets (bottom, top and pillow case),
blankets, pillows.  Drawings or notes from young friends that can be
tucked into each pillow case; a way to expresses friendship, child to
child.  Or perhaps a small stuffed animal for each bed?

A project in which Meetings or First Day Schools, at a distance from
Arkansas, could particulate.

2) Donations:  We have located a company that will sell us mattresses,
delivered to Arkadelphia, AR for just $35.00 each.  Indeed a good
price.  But over the next two years we are hoping to be able to build
1,000 beds, and that means 2,000 mattresses.  The costs would be
$70,000.  We simply do not have that kind of financial resources.  We
would greatly appreciate any financial assistance that you might be able
to offer us.  We would also appreciate good advice regarding who might
be good to contact, within or outside of Quaker circles, regarding
funding possibilities.

Again, thanking you for your prayers, good wishes and assistance, I am

Marianne Lockard, Little Rock Meeting's Bunk Bed Committee

MariQuaker at Arkansas.net - Marianne Lockard
JWolfe34 at aol.com - Shirl Walter and Jean Sizemore
Joticof at aol.com - John Coffin
Warnpeac at aol.com - Nancy Warren
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