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Kim Carlyle kcarlyle at main.nc.us
Thu Mar 9 11:45:07 JEST 2006

Hey Friend!

It's time to send in your submissions for your favorite YM newsletter, the Southern Appalachian Friend. The due date for the spring issue is April Fool's Day (04/01/2006).

As usual, please send news of yourself, your meeting, and the wider Quaker organizations for which you do volunteer work. Send essays, book reports, movie reviews, poetry, and cookie recipes. Also welcome are solutions to world problems, gripes, complaints, and lavish praise. 

Especially appropriate for this issue would be jokes (Quakes are such jovial folks).

Don't be a fool! Avoid the holiday rush. Send your items BEFORE April 1.  


Your faithful servants and newsletter editors,

Susan and Kim Carlyle
SAFeditor at sayma.org
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