[saymaListserv] What should we call an Oversight Committee?

CLaMonte at aol.com CLaMonte at aol.com
Sat Mar 11 10:07:17 JEST 2006

In Birmingham Friends Meeting, we use the phrase Clearness Committee to refer 
to the wedding oversight process and the clearness for marriage process (see 
Chapel Hill Monthly Meeting's "Marriage Under the Care of the Monthly Meeting" 
for one description of the two processes). These functions are coordinated by 
our Ministry and Nurture Committee; we have never had two committees for the 
clearness, wedding, or follow-up process. 

See also Elizabeth Watson's Marriage in the Light: Reflections on Commitment 
and the Clearness Process, published by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, for an 
excellent discussion of the practical as well as the relational and spiritual 
aspects of commitment and solitude in a marriage. 

Connie LaMonte
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