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Quakerkristi at aol.com Quakerkristi at aol.com
Mon Mar 13 16:41:47 JEST 2006

I wrote this prayerfully months ago, before Tom's death and it seemed too 
much to share.  But I offer it up in memory of Tom Fox.....Kristi

For Tom, Norman, Jim and Harmeet
You have woken us up.
You have made us look and know that this war
            Is not about them.  It is about us.
You are our braver brothers.
We have cheered you on and wished you luck.
We have passed the hat but not let it get too close.
Love our enemies?  You, Jesus, Gandhi and King are right.
Yet we still manage to close our eyes and ears to so much pain.
And it has not touched us so closely ’til now,
For it hurts too much to imagine what it requires -
And the power of war seems unmatchable.
It requires God’s love -  bigger than the pain.
It requires God’s hope  - bigger than deep despair.
It requires God’s mercy - to meanness and confusion and assumed righteousness.
Your lives show us it is possible.
We see that faithfulness to the Divine Spirit may require more than we know 
we have.
We seek to make your witness our witness.
To live and work - so that we too may know - what love can do.
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