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Tom's Last Journey 
Copied from www.freethecaptivesnow.org/main.php


CPT's Doug Pritchard writes in: 
The U.S. Embassy arranged for Beth Pyles, a member of the CPT Iraq team, to 
travel to Anaconda, and she was able to keep vigil with Tom for the next 36 
hrs. until his departure. [...]

Pyles was present on the tarmac at Anaconda as Tom's coffin was loaded onto 
the plane for Dover. She reported that his coffin was draped in a U.S. flag. 
This is unusual for a civilian, but Tom may not have been uncomfortable with 
this since he had always called his nation to live out the high ideals which it 
professed. Iraqi detainees who die in U.S, custody are also transported to 
Dover for autopsies and forensics. On this plane, right beside Tom's coffin, was 
the coffin of an Iraqi detainee. So Tom accompanied an Iraqi detainee in death, 
just as he had done so often in life.
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