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Wed May 3 10:33:25 JEST 2006

Dear Friends--

    Our Quaker Conference on Torture is filling up fast -- but there are
STILL spaces open.

    If you've been thinking about attending, it is not too late. Time is
growing short, though.

    The bad news about officially-sanctioned torture continues to leak out
into the press. Yet there's also news about growing protests, even if you
have to hunt for it:

    -- In North Carolina, activists are protesting the presence of a CIQA
contractor company which has been making "rendition" flights for torture in
secret prisons from a local airport.
    -- And in New York City on May 1, an interfaith group more than one
hundred strong sat in at the UN mission to the United Nations, demanding the
shutdown of the Guantanamo torture prison camp. Many were ready to face
arrest there, but UN officials declined to ask for their removal.

    -- In Washington, a national religious campaign for the abolition of
torture is taking shape, and will be ready to launch soon.

    -- And in less than a month, on June 2-4, Quakers will gather at
Guilford College to hammer out the beginning of their role in what promises
to be a long, demanding labor of love and witness.

    We'll be talking about all of these and more at the conference.  As I
write, more than 80 Friends have signed up, and registrations are continuing
to come in. We figure we can handle around 150 for this initial gathering.
With expert speakers, workshops, resources, worship, and networking -- we'll
be laying the groundwork for a national -- make that international Quaker
network aimed at ending this abominable practice, no matter what government
or insurgent group practices it.

    And you can still join us. We are urging local Meetings to send Friends
to Greensboro on their behalf, to bring back information and motivation.
With this conference, Friends can begin to take their rightful place in a
broad, long-term work to end torture. This is a burden of our time, which we
dare not shirk.
    This conference is being organized by QUIT, the Quaker Initiative to End
Torture. It has been endorsed by numerous monthly and yearly meetings. Major
support has also come from the Friends World Committee for
Consultation-Section of the Americas.

    More information and a registration form is at our website:


    Will you join us at Guilford? There's much to do. There is still time to
register, but the clock is ticking..

    And please pass this message on to others.

In the Light,

John Calvi
calvij at sover.net
PO Box 301 
Putney VT 05346 USA

John Calvi
calvij at sover.net
PO Box 301 
Putney VT 05346 USA
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