[saymaListserv] I need a ride to SAYMA

Jennifer Snow Wolff snowolff at earthlink.net
Tue May 16 11:22:37 JEST 2006

If anyone is going to SAYMA, I could use a ride.

Technically, I live in Raleigh, although my home is 6 miles south of 
Rte 64 near the city of Knightdale, and I live very close to the 
border east-most border of Raleigh.

I can send directions for picking me up and I could probably get a 
ride somewhere's closer to where you are from a friend, if you can't 
come here. We can work it out. Give me a call or email back.

I'm not disabled, can walk on my own, I just don't have my liscence back.

Jennifer Snow Wolff

current email:  snowolff at earthlink.net
Address:        2112 Bethlehem Rd.,
                 Raleigh, NC  27610
Phone:  (919) 261-0084
E-FAX:  1-(253) 650-2180  toll free

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