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Dear Friends,  

The Gulf Coast Listening Project GCLP, under the direction of RSVP,  has been interviewing Hurricane Katrina evacuees for the past few months in Atlanta, Birmingham and Columbia, S.C.  As you know, Friends have been providing leadership at every level of this project.   Attached is an update of our work.  

The focus of our interviews is on the immediate needs as well as the issues of race and inequality that have impacted the lives of Katrina evacuees and survivors.  Our ultimate goal is to support the survivors and to enable their voices to become catalysts for social change in our country.  

Our short term goals is to complete and process or interviews so they can be released in a national media campaign on the first anniversary of the Katrina disaster (late August, early Sept.). We feel that the in-depth interviews we have conducted, along with pictures of interviewees who have given permission for their use -- will be invaluable tools of re-educating the public about the needs and issues of Katrina survivors. We are hoping to receive a grant in June that will provide some funding to do this campaign but what we are lacking thus far is a campaign coordinator with experience and skills in doing this kind of work.  Thus we are looking for someone to fill that role.  If you are interested or you can recommend someone, please contact me right away.  

Thanks very much for your help.   
Herb Walters, director
RSVP / Listening Project Training and Resource Center
2965 White Oak Road, Burnsville, NC 28714
Tel>: 828-675-4626; Web: www.listeningproject.info

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