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As I read about Katrina victims who need a home, I think that I have 
a home with an entire second floor available, all I need are 
housemates with a car and the ability to drive the car. I live in my 
home, in the country, don't drive so cannot get out and around.

My brother and Legal Guardian has asked for a court date on June 23rd 
to determine if I am to be forced to sell my house and move to Ohio. 
I'd rather not move if I could find someone to live with me who 
drives. I live on SS disabilty and Food Stamps and work out of my home.

Jennifer Snow Wolff

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>Listening Project
>Dear Friends,
>The Gulf Coast Listening Project GCLP, under the direction of 
>RSVP,  has been interviewing Hurricane Katrina evacuees for the past 
>few months in Atlanta, Birmingham and Columbia, S.C.  As you know, 
>Friends have been providing leadership at every level of this 
>project.   Attached is an update of our work.
>The focus of our interviews is on the immediate needs as well as the 
>issues of race and inequality that have impacted the lives of 
>Katrina evacuees and survivors.  Our ultimate goal is to support the 
>survivors and to enable their voices to become catalysts for social 
>change in our country.
>Our short term goals is to complete and process or interviews so 
>they can be released in a national media campaign on the first 
>anniversary of the Katrina disaster (late August, early Sept.). We 
>feel that the in-depth interviews we have conducted, along with 
>pictures of interviewees who have given permission for their use -- 
>will be invaluable tools of re-educating the public about the needs 
>and issues of Katrina survivors. We are hoping to receive a grant in 
>June that will provide some funding to do this campaign but what we 
>are lacking thus far is a campaign coordinator with experience and 
>skills in doing this kind of work.  Thus we are looking for someone 
>to fill that role.  If you are interested or you can recommend 
>someone, please contact me right away.
>Thanks very much for your help.
>Herb Walters, director
>RSVP / Listening Project Training and Resource Center
>2965 White Oak Road, Burnsville, NC 28714
>Tel>: 828-675-4626; Web: 
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