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Mon May 22 15:04:53 JEST 2006

Hibbard was brought to meeting for worship on Mother's Day and joined in the
singing! PFW
Sent: Friday, May 19, 2006 10:11 AM
Subject: Hibbard Thatcher's update 5/19

> Hello again,
> This is a group emailing to many people who are close to Hibbard and
> Ruby Thatcher through family or activities.  Many of you belong to
> groups like the Friends Meeting, Nashville Country Dancers, or Sacred
> Harp singing with Hibbard, and if you wish to edit this appropriately
> and send it out to other members of those groups we would appreciate
> it. (And we strongly recommend 'Bcc' copying for group emails like this
> one to avoid spreading addresses around. Email us if you're not sure
> how to set this up--it can help prevent Windows viruses and spam email
> from spreading.)
> ******
> Friday, May 19, 2006
> Hibbard has moved from Vanderbilt Stallworth to the NHC skilled
> nursing facility in Cool Springs.  He had an excellent stay at
> Stallworth, made many friends there, and made a lot of progress.   He
> says that he's very pleased with the level of care at NHC, and when I
> spoke with him this morning he was on his way out to his round of
> physical therapy.  Every time I speak with him he is stronger, and he
> is clearly determined to rebuild his strength and abilities.
> He continues to have difficulty swallowing, which prevents him from
> eating, which makes it more difficult for him to regain weight and
> muscle mass, but the electrical 'Vital Stim' therapy seems to be
> helping, albeit slowly.  Once he can eat food normally he may
> progress more rapidly.
> Hibbard would certainly welcome visits, and I know he treasures the
> time so many of you have made to see him.   Cool Springs is easy to
> get to via
> I-65 or (with a number of stoplights) Franklin Road.
> The current address and phone number:
> Hibbard Thatcher
> Room 1311
> 211 Cool Springs Blvd
> Franklin, TN  37067
> Hibbard's direct room telephone (and he loves hearing from you!)  is
> 615-778-6921.
> I was last in Nashville two weeks ago, and I hope to get back next
> week.   Jon Thatcher will be visiting from California next week.
> For the family,
> Alan Thatcher

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