[saymaListserv] Ride Needed to SAYMA from Knightdale, NC

Jennifer Snow snowolff at earthlink.net
Tue May 30 17:51:46 JEST 2006

Dear Friends,

I need a ride to SAYMA, since I don't have a driver's licence, 
although I am capable and not disabled anymore. I'm just in the 
process of getting my licence, and haven't gotten it yet.

I live 6 miles south of 64 in Knightdale, NC to the east of Raleigh. 
I could probably get a ride to someplace near Chapel Hill or Durham 
if you don't want to drive out to Knightdale to pick me up. Attached 
are some maps and directions are in this email.  Let me know what 
would be convenient.

I live at 2112 Bethlehem Road, Raleigh, NC  27610-9317 in "the purple house".
My phone is 919 261-0084.
My home is due east of Raleigh.  Just get to the beltline around 
Raleigh, which is 440.

FROM WEST/Beltline:   From 440 and take exit 15, which is Poole,   Go 
east or right on Poole, towards Wendell about 5 miles. Take a right 
on Grasshopper, which will be at a stoplight, with has a firehouse on 
the left at that intersection. Go less than a mile on Grasshopper, 
(.8) until you meet Bethlehem, which will have a stop sign, make a 
right on Bethlehem,

FROM EAST /NORTH Rte 64/Knightdale:   Turn onto First Street, which 
is one block east of Smithfield, of the large Knightdale Shopping 
Center (Walmart, Winn-Dixie, etc) , of Lowes Home Warehouse. First 
becomes Bethlehem, you cross Poole in a mile and then cross 
Grasshopper in less than another mile.

At the intersection of Grasshopper and Bethlehem, make a right on 
Bethlehem,  go a few hundred yards, our purple house is on the right 
surrounded by pine trees. There will be 4 mailboxes immediately after 
our driveway. 3 black and one dayglo yellow/green mailbox. The signs 
fell down 2112, but my driveway is on the right. You need to come 
when its light out, since there are few street lights.

The outer beltline goes east and the inner beltline goes west.

These are the directions from Yahoo. You can see that 440 appears and 
changes its names many times. Just ignore it. Stay on 40 until you 
get to exit 301. Then stay on that until you get to exit 15.

Merge on I-40 EAST
Continue on I-40 EAST/I-440 EAST
Continue on I-440 EAST towards OUTER BELTLINE/ROCKY MOUNT, exit #301
Continue on I-440 NORTH
Take the POOLE RD exit, exit #15    0.3
Turn Right on POOLE RD 4.7
Turn Right on GREGORY LN 0.1    (Gregory Lane DOES NOT exist!  turn 
onto either Grasshopper or Bethlehem from Poole, and either one will 
get to my house)
Continue on GRASSHOPPER RD 0.8
Turn Right on BETHLEHEM RD 0.0

Its all country, straight roads... see attached map and image of the house.

Jennifer Snow Wolff
2112 Bethlehem Road
Raleigh, NC  27610-9317
919 261-0084 
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