[saymaListserv] Campaign Reform

Free Polazzo freepolazzo at comcast.net
Mon Oct 2 09:40:37 JEST 2006

I agree that until we get real campaign reform so that we have fairer 
elections, our democracy (Republic?) is in trouble.

A big concern I have had is to find a way to get more people to 
vote.   One idea is to move elections away from Tues to the Weekend 
and make it a two day event.   This could get more people to the 
polls and might change the discourse to include "all the people" and 
not just those who are "likely voters".


At 09:00 AM 10/2/2006, Steve Livingston wrote:
>With permission I am posting this exchange between myself and Kit
>Potter, in part as an inquiry to stimulate further reflection and
>conversation among Friends.
>Kathryn Potter wrote:
>Thanks, Steve. We do need to remember this perspective internationally.
>But the biggest concern I have at the moment is the eroding of our 
>rights at home, and the lack of national integrity of ideal with 
>action - in full view of citizens and international community alike.
>We've forgotten our history! Many of the European settlers of the 
>Americas came here to escape the sort of government behaviors we are 
>now allowing.
>Steve Livingston wrote:
>That "lack of national integrity" part is particularly destructive, in
>my opinion. I believe the most important issue we have before us as a
>nation right now is: Campaign Reform. Until we manage to elect a
>government that will serve the best interests of the nation rather than
>the bests interests of their owners, no other issue can be resolved in
>an appropriate manner.
>Kathryn Potter wrote:
>I agree with your choice of primary issue! I wonder if the US electorate can
>muster the will and the focus to make this the central reform action. I feel
>skeptical, but would work on it!
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