[saymaListserv] Walhydra's Porch

Mike Shell bright_crow at mindspring.com
Thu Oct 5 10:06:33 JEST 2006


About a decade ago, I began corresponding with a large group of online friends who continue to share a private listserv.

Occasionally I would send a piece in the voice of "Walhydra," my cantankerous, ancient <ouch, Walhydra!> alter-ego.  Walhydra isn't too pleased to have been reincarnated in a fifty-something, gay male would-be writer, but she makes the best of it.

Finally, after much badgering from her, I have agreed to let her publish a blog, "Walhydra's Porch."  You can find it at http://walhydra.blogspot.com/

There are only a handful of posts so far, and Walhydra (of course) thinks you should begin at the beginning: "In which Walhydra reluctantly joins the blogosphere: or, Telepathy is more genteel, but nobody listens anymore"

I myself would encourage you to read "Walhydra's Convincement"

Also, she has done me the honor of letting my repost on her blog a piece I posted today for my professional library colleagues on our library system discussion board: "Poor Richard Redux: A Manifesto"

Enjoy, and

Blessed Be,

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