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Penelope Wright pennywright at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 6 16:15:45 JEST 2006

Dear Friends,
As one of SAYMA's representatives to Friends General Conference, I share this employment opportunity with you.
If some of the language is unfamiliar to those of you who have been part of FGC in the past, it is because there has been a re-organization of the supervisory duties and positions.
Penelope Wright 
FGC Associate Secretary for Programs and Outreach. Great opportunity to work with dynamic, growing Quaker organization and extraordinary staff community through provision of spiritually-grounded staff leadership with new four-person "administrative team."  Seasoned Friend with strong administrative and supervisory experience, collegial style and good communication skills sought.  Full time, good salary, excellent benefits. Application deadline 12/15/06.  Send resume & application letter to General Secretary, FGC, 1216 Arch Street, 2B, Philadelphia, PA 19107, or bruceb at fgcquaker.org (call to confirm receipt).



PS  We are still looking for the right person to work full-time as our Conference Assistant.  This is a very important support position with many responsibilities for the Annual FGC Gathering and occasional smaller conferences.  The Conference Assistant will work closely with our wonderful new Conference Coordinator, Traci Sullivan, and equally terrific Junior Gathering Coordinator, Patsy Martin.  Full time, decent salary, excellent benefits.  Contact Traci immediately at 215-561-1700, or Tracis at fgcquaker.org (call to confirm receipt).


And we are still open to applications for Planned Giving and Major Gifts Associate in our Development Program, and for the anticipated full-time, long-term position of Youth Ministries Coordinator.  For more information on any of these positions, contact the FGC office at 215-561-1700.

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