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Wed Oct 18 21:02:30 JEST 2006

Dear Kirsti,

Thank you for working with John Calvi and your 
support of QUIT (QUaker Initiative to end 
Torture.)   It is good to see our YM Clerk also 
active in outreach and social concerns.   You are 
a wonderful model for all of us "busy Friends" to 
slow down and find the time to do the really 
important work that is needed in our world.

I hold us all in the Light.    We are part of 
this country and we are part of what keeps this 
thing going.    Your messages help me to speak to 
others about this terrible thing we are doing in 
the name of "homeland security".

The elections will once again show us who we 
really are and not just who we think we 
are.    Right now, we are a country that the rest 
of the world is afraid of.  So afraid that more 
and more may be building nuclear bombs, even 
while their people starve.   Fear makes people 
act against their own long term interests, even dictators.  Even Americans.

I pray that the Amreican people send a strong 
message that this trampling of human rights cannot endure.

The Spirit needs our help to make sure that of 
God in every person is honored, no matter what the election results.


Free Polazzo

>This just in-
>John Calvi
>QUIT convener
>From: Margaret Toledano
>Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 16:10:19 -0700
>Subject: Military Commissions Act, letter to Editor, LA TIMES
>President Bush signed away his oath of office to uphold the Constitution
>when he signed the Military Commissions Act.  He maintains that only those
>who are ³illegal enemy combatants² will lose the protection of habeas
>corpus, the ancient right of prisoners in just societies to have their
>detentions reviewed, to face their accusers, to know what evidence is being
>used against them and to have a fair trial.
>Without this key protection of our Constitution, we would have known a very
>different idea of law, order and justice these last 230 years.  Only a very
>few Guantanamo detainees are seriously considered likely terrorists.  The
>remainder of the detainees bear an uncomfortable resemblance to ordinary
>people unwittingly caught in war¹s chaos ­ ordinary people very like you and
>Our deep concern must be that it will take little suspicion from the same
>administration to put private citizens like us into the detainees¹ shoes.
>This latest power grab by Mr. Bush and his ³advisors² leaves it to their
>very questionable judgment just whom they will label an ³illegal enemy
>combatant.²  Such persons will be tried with the burden of proof reversed,
>without due process or the rule of law as we know it, without seeing or
>hearing their accusers, and in secret courts.
>This is a despicable piece of legislation. It is a moral outrage, an outrage
>that violates every tenet of human rights the United States has stood for
>over the last two centuries.  If our elected officials have lost their moral
>compass, We the People have not. Let us look to our consciences, and remind
>Mr. Bush of this fact on November 7.
>Peggy Toledano
>(John,  I took the habeas corpus angle, since I think there will be others
>to weigh in against  torture.  Orange County Interfaith Peace Ministry is
>stepping up activity; I represent it for OC Friends Meeting.  The Peace
>Ministry is introducing me to the member churches, mosques and synagogues
>through its newsletter as being available to address groups on QUIT.)
>------ End of Forwarded Message

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