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SAYMA Friends,  
I hope the rather awkward subject line does not bother people.  I  think this 
announcement is about more than just "Evangelicals" though that is  the label 
featured in its title and text.  I am forwarding this for the  information 
about the new documentary (I guess that's what it is) The Great  Warming.  There 
is a link in the website at _www.thegreatwarming.com_ 
(http://www.thegreatwarming.com)   that  will tell you where it is set to show.  Bill  Reynolds
Evangelicals  Embrace of Environmental Stewardship Creates Problem for  Bush
"Evangelicals… comprise between 40  to 50 percent of…the Republican base, 
and so if the largest single population  group in the Republican coalition were 
to say, 'this is important. We want you  to take, as leaders in the Republican 
party, leadership on climate change, on  clean air, on pure water, on the 
stewardship of our natural resources.' If  evangelical Christians were to say 
that, I daresay Republicans will listen. This  president, George Bush, will have 
to listen, the Republicans running for the  White House in 2008 will have to 
-  Reverend Richard Cizik, vice president of governmental affairs for the 
National  Association of Evangelicals, from the film, The Great  Warming. 
Around the country, many religious  groups, and most notably evangelical 
Christians, are taking a stand on the  environment. Observers say the Bush 
administration could lose significant  support from its conservative religious base 
if it doesn't change its stance on  issues like global warming.  
In addition to promoting sermons on  "creation care" - the idea that the 
Bible calls on people to care for God's  earth - evangelical leaders are urging 
their congregations to see The Great  Warming, a documentary film that has been 
highlighted in the _Los  Angeles Times_ 
a-warming19oct19,0,7028600.story?coll=la-home-headlines)  and _Washington  
Narrated by Alanis Morissette and  Keanu Reeves, The Great Warming depicts 
the threat global warming poses to  millions of people, particularly the world's 
children, the poorest and the most  vulnerable. The film also showcases the 
recent engagement of religious groups in  confronting the enormous challenge of 
global warming.  
Groups like the Christian Coalition  and the National Association of 
Evangelicals are also making global warming an  issue. Reverend Richard Cizik, vice 
president of governmental affairs for the  National Association of Evangelicals, 
has been pressing politicians to publicly  state their positions on global 
Last summer Cizik invited  contenders for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania - 
Democrat Bob Casey, Jr. and  incumbent Senator Republican Rick Santorum - to a 
forum on climate change. Casey  appeared and endorsed the Kyoto Protocol on 
climate change, Santorum declined to  attend.  
The Great Warming is set to open in  34 theaters around the country on the 
weekend of November 3. To find out where  the film will be playing, visit 
(http://www.democracyinaction.org/dia/track.jsp?key=213544024&url_num=7&url=http://www.thegreatwarming.com) .  

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