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Sat Sep 30 09:21:55 JEST 2006

Dear All,

With the frightening passage of S.3930, the detainee bill, I've been
overwhelmed with a feeling of despair that American torture will continue
with impunity.

But I write to ask this-
In our country there a thousands of refugees who have survived torture and
thousands of former US soldiers who have witnessed or participated in
torture.  For each one of these people the news that torture will continue
without interference sends a shock throughout the nervous system that the
horrible time is not passed, that safety is not here, and that old hurt is
surfacing- please, I ask you to say a prayer, light a candle, hold each one
of these in your heart that they will know a time of peace and healing in
their life time.

If we are the breath and the fingers of the Divine, then there is much to do
to bring more Light here.

Love, John

John Calvi
calvij at sover.net
PO Box 301
Putney VT 05346 USA

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