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Elizabeth Eames roeblingelizabeth at msn.com
Thu Nov 15 09:39:05 JEST 2007

Dear Friends,

WILPF has issued a position statement that the UN peacekeeping forces should be withdrawn from Haiti. I have contacted them with my views - and opposition to their position but wanted Friends to be aware of this issue. Please visit my blog to read more.


I will be traveling back to Haiti both this weekend and over Christmas. There is a paypal donation button on the blog for anyone who would like to make donations to equipment for Haiti. Right now, both these countries (DR and Haiti) are suffering from the damages from Hurricane Noel and the needs are profound. I will, I believe, be limiting my contributions to school supplies - i.e. paper, pencils, dictionaries - which are not covered in relief efforts but are very expensive here and almost unobtainable in Haiti.

As always, Light is appreciated.

Thanks so much.

Elizabeth Eames Roebling
Asheville Friends Meeting
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