The Engagement of Holly and Kyle

We became engaged on November 28, 2003.

During a Thanksgiving visit to Michigan from Philadelphia, Kyle enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with Holly (and her friend Rose). The next day, Kyle took Holly on a trip to a hiking trail a couple of hours away from Holly's apartment. As they drove (and Holly studied for her veterinary exams), early season snowflakes drifted down, lending an air of magic to the whole experience.

Finally, they arrived in Ludington, Michigan. This lovely spot lies on the lower peninsula's western shore, bordering the enormous Lake Michigan. There, Holly and Kyle began hiking on a trail found in Kyle's 50 Michigan Hikes book, which was a lovely meandering walk through forest, swamp, and dune, which finally culminated with the trail's arrival at an old lighthouse on the Michigan shore. Though there was some initial angst that Kyle didn't know where he was going (always a possibility), the couple arrived safely at the lighthouse.

As strong winds buffeted the two, standing amidst snow and sand drifts on the shore, they looked out on the stormy waves. The waves and the sand made the scene reminiscent of the ocean. After a little while, Kyle told Holly to close her eyes while he got out a 'present' that he had for her. When she opened them, he presented her with a ring he had made for her, and asked her to marry him. Thankfully (and predictably, in light of the context of this page) she said yes. Neither of them could stop smiling for the rest of the hike nor during the wonderful dinner that followed!

And the rest, as they say, is history.

And history was made on the day we celebrated our marriage with a Grand Extravaganza (i.e., our wedding and reception!).

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