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This page contains information on the ongoing genealogical research of Kyle MacLea. He is aiming to trace the lineage of his direct paternal line (MacLea or McLea) and all the associated collateral lines.

To date, Kyle has managed to trace his direct MacLea/McLea line to the mid-1700s in western Scotland and in addition has traced his paternal grandmother's family (the Spurrs) to the 1500s in England. This page will concentrate on the MacLea family, but if you'd like information about the Spurrs, let him know.

Kyle is working on a comprehensive effort to make an online compendium of MacLea/McLea family history, the MacLea FamilyWiki. His plan is to concentrate, at first, solely on his own family, that of the ancestors and descendants of James Brown MacLea, who emigrated from Scotland to the United States at the end of the 19th century. Later, he may add additional information on other McLeas. It is constantly evolving, so check back anytime, and send Kyle ideas if you'd like him to add something!

Interested to see what Kyle might be working on right now? Try Kyle's MacLea family history blog, a part of the MacLea FamilyWiki! He will from time to time write some of his thoughts and ideas on the family history, new things he's discovered or transcribed, or links to resources located on this website or on the web in general. This is mostly a place for Kyle to record his thoughts for later work, but you're welcome to eavesdrop!

Kyle has also started a database to link the various MacLea and Livingstone families who have emigrated from Scotland around the world.
The Livingstone and MacLea Emigration Registry is another wiki set up in the manner of the MacLea FamilyWiki, and it allows contributions from any interested family members of any MacLea, Livingstone, or similar family name, from anywhere in the world--
and especially those that can trace their roots to Scotland!

Finally, Kyle is a member of and contributor to the MacLea/Livingstone DNA Project. This project aims to track the Y-chromosomal DNA signatures of the various MacLea and Livingstone family groups. That is, various markers on the Y-chromosome are tested as a means of genealogical inquiry. Because the Y-chromosome is found only in males, the paternal DNA line is transmitted along with the surname (in the traditional mode of Western inheritance) and, as such, matches within and between surnames are useful in genealogical time. You can read about the results of Kyle's ongoing DNA analysis of his own family and matching families on his "Cluster 26" MacLea DNA Project page or in the wiki. If you have any information to share on the family history, please get in touch with Kyle (see below for email). He is always eager to talk to distant cousins and add their information to the Family Tree. If you think you might have a connection, no matter how distant, please do get in touch! Main Page
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