Heraldry of the Knights of Earth
 Canon of Knighthood

The Canon of Knighthood

The Knights of Earth are united on these principles and will work to ensure they are upheld and honored in all situations:

1.  Uphold the rights of ALL people, no exceptions.

2.  Uphold wise stewardship of the Earth.

3.  Uphold animal welfare, when possible.

4.  Seek peace for the world's conflicts.

5.  Seek truth for the world's falsehoods.

6.  Seek service for the world's ailments.

7.  Be kind, cheerful, and good.

8.  Be brave, sincere, and compassionate.

9.  Be merciful, just, and loyal.

10.  Do not expect that service and kindness will be repaid and pursue the good path even when all others abandon it.

11.  The Knighthood is what you make it: be a reflection of  light in the darkness but accept yourself when you fail any mission.

12.  Forward!


The Cardinal Principles:

love, virtue, peace, honor, mettle, mercy, equity, justice, loyalty,
service, bravery, integrity, sincerity, harmony, goodness, stewardship, compassion, cheerfulness.


 What We Are

The Knights of Earth are individual members of an online, global community of believers in the power of goodness in the world and beyond.  Knighthood is a starting point, a jumping-off point, an oasis - nothing more.  This site is here to draw you to your goal and provide evidence that the world, and your brothers and sisters remember your deeds - and rejoice!

"The best portion of a good man's life is his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love." --William


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