Kyle S. MacLea, Ph.D.

Current position:

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, University of New Hampshire at Manchester, 2014-

Previous positions:

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology, Linfield College, 2012-2014

Postdoctoral fellowships/Instructor,Colorado State University, Biology and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, 2009-2012

Assistant Professor of Biology (visiting), Franklin College, 2008-2009

Postdoctoral fellowship, University of Delaware, 2007-2008

Postdoctoral fellowship, Michigan State University, 2007

Research Associate (Geneticist), USDA-Agricultural Research Service, Avian Disease and Oncology Laboratory, 2004-2007

Postdoctoral fellowship, University of Pennsylvania,2003-2004

Ph.D., Dartmouth College, 1997-2003

A.B., Cornell University, 1993-1997

Academic work:

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Scientific memberships:

American Society for Microbiology (ASM), 2014-present

Genome Consortium for Active Teaching, 2010—Present, 

 (Undergraduate next generation sequencing initiative), 2011—Present.

Council on Undergraduate Research, 2010—Present

Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB), 2012-2015

The Crustacean Society, 2012-2014

Although I have moved around the country while my wife Holly was completing her training as a veterinary cardiologist, I always found interesting science to explore.  I am happy to use these diverse experiences to teach students!

In graduate school, I studied a human enzyme, DNase II.  After that, I’ve spent longer or shorter times studying cardiovascular proteomics, tumor-causing viruses in chickens, rodent viruses, fruitfly development, crustacean limb regeneration and molting, and finally, prions in yeast.  Most recently, I’ve been developing a new area of research:  microbial genomics.

It’s been an exciting journey and it has given me the opportunity to really broaden my experience in teaching and research.  Now at UNH-Manchester the future is wide openwho knows where the science will take us next!

© Kyle S. MacLea 2015