I’m interested in novel teaching methods for science students today, including:  Peer instruction, Inquiry-based learning (especially, but not exclusively, in labs), Case studies, “Clickers” or similar feedback systems, “Flipped” classrooms, and more.  I’m particularly interested in including scientific communication (papers, posters, presentations, writing manuscripts, etc.) in my classes, and in working to include other principles from the Vision and Change initiative.  But I also do some conventional lecturing as well.

Classes at UNH-Manchester:

Principles of Biology (BIOL 413)
General Microbiology (BMS 503)
Pathogenic Microbiology (BMS 602)
Molecular Genetics (GEN 771)
Microbial Genomics (BSCI 737)
Nucleic Acid Techniques (BSCI 765)

as well as some other new courses under development!

Some classes I’ve taught previously:

Principles of Biology (Lecture & Lab) (twice)
Genetics (Lecture & Lab)
Introduction to Microbiology (Lecture & Lab)
(four times)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Lecture & Lab)
Cell Biology (Lecture & Lab)
Laboratory Techniques (Lab)
Molecular Biotechnology (Lecture & Lab)
Anatomy & Physiology I (Lecture & Lab)
Anatomy & Physiology II (Lab)
Advanced Physiology & Pathophysiology (Lecture)
Foundations for Physiology (Lecture & Lab)

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