Students in the Lab

Shown above:  Stefan, Ali, and Ashanti in the lab, Summer 2010.

Want to Get Involved in Research?

There’s nothing more exciting than exploring scientific problems with students in the lab.  I’ve mentored about 40 students (mostly undergraduates) in hands-on scientific research during the ~15 years since grad school.

We’ve put together many posters for national and regional scientific meetings, and I’ve worked with several of these students on papers in scientific journals as well.

I’m interested in working with students to develop personal scientific projects that will help them see the role of science in our society and their part in advancing our knowledge.  Let’s go out and explore biology together!

Areas of focus and interest: Microbial genomics, both comparative and metagenomic studies; prion and amyloid biology, especially in the yeast model; other aspects of microbiology; physiological genetics and genomics; comparative physiology; scientific communication and writing, evolution, and more.

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