Research on Microbial Genomics

Help unravel the bacterial Tree of Life!

Of all the diversity of life, the Archaea are shown in green below, the Eukarya in red, and the Bacteria in purple.  Our lab seeks to understand the diversity of bacterial organisms in the environment, in animals, and more.  

Bacterial genomics encompasses both comparative genomics (understanding the genomic basis of differences between species) and metagenomics (understanding what organisms, on the basis of their genes alone, are present in any environment).  Our lab aims to examine both aspects of bacterial genomics.

In the comparative genomics realm, the lab has been sequencing some previously unsequenced bacterial genomes, including deep-sea Gram-negative bacteria.  In the metagenomics arena, the lab has been examining the microbiome of soil bacteria in certain agricultural environments in New Hampshire.  In both cases, we will be expanding the pool of bacterial species and environments going forward.

We are also seeking collaborators at UNH and beyond to explore interesting scientific questions using bacterial genomics.

We are also developing courses with a research basis that address this research area.  Beginning in summer of 2015, BSCI 737 Microbial Genomics is giving students at UNH-Manchester the chance to participate in a real bacterial genomics research experience while learning about genomics and bioinformatics.

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